Glass Hands is the striking result of a 3-year evolutionary journey that scorched the definition of the metalcore genre.

This band is creating a buzz with their technical guitar prowess infusing ambient and melodic harmonies topped with powerful lyrics. High energy live performances and undeniable chemistry is guaranteed with this five-piece group.

Delivering one hard-hitting anthem after another and driven by powerful guitars, aggressive drum beats, and poignant vocals, this outfit has released an EP entitled Exit Letters in 2016, and a full-length album entitled Dive in 2018. Glass Hands accumulated 20,000 consistent monthly listeners on Spotify after the release of their single ‘Reason to Stay’ in early 2019 and crossed 600k cumulative streams across platforms.

Glass Hands is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, but is touring regularly in and out of the midwest. So far, they have played shows in almost every state in the midwest and northeast, as well as Texas surrounding SXSW in 2017. Glass Hands was also featured on Alternative Press after ‘Reason to Stay’ was released.

You can expect diversity and influence from multiple genres in their music, which keeps their loyal listeners interested year over year. They believe that metalcore shouldn’t be as limiting as some artists let it be. You can find traces of rock, pop, punk rock, and death metal throughout their discography. 

Without a doubt, Glass Hands is stretching their limits of technicality while expressing their love for simplicity. There is no way to keep them locked down as they expand their sound with every release.

Since the release of “Reason to Stay” and “Bouquet” in 2019, Glass Hands has been featured twice on Alternative Press, once on Loudwire, and several Spotify playlists with up to 40,000 listeners. Now moving into the fall season of 2019, Glass Hands is keeping busy with touring and writing new material.

Glass Hands is now gearing up for their October tour with RVNT. Check the dates here on the home page.